Our products & services

At DREAMBOAT our mission is to provide you with the products and services to most efficiently and effectively improve your productivity so that you achieve your dreams faster.

As such we provide the following products and are always working on bettering these and other products to help you more.

Productive Network

We get from our networks what they are built to achieve so at the core of our system for productivity improvement is the DREAMBOAT productive network.

A place to focus on, learn about and achieve more and more productivity with those around you.
Invite your friends, family, colleagues and work contacts to your productivity network, share learning and support and encourage each other to focus on what you're each best at and you'll be amazed at the results in every aspect of your life.

In today's world where social media is the mental cigarette break that ends up impacting productivity far more than ever it would be a complete breach of our duty of care to not provide a simple and reliable place for our clients to connect engage and be more productive.

Not only will you find more focus yourself when you need it but you'll also be able to support and encourage those around you to acheive more all in one simple solution. And we all know you are the product of those you spend time with so build your productive network today thanks to DREAMBOAT.

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Like anything on the move where the Captain works from is of utmost importance and that's exactly what our wheel room is all about. Helping you and your team improve strategically on a regular basis you'll not only see your productivity improve but trust and communication too.

Work with your dreams, milestones towards those dreams, date specific goals, the issues holding you back and tasks that you need to complete all in one simple and easy wheelhouse so that you can always find focus and the straightest line to more productivity, greater success and your dreams.

Log your dreams,
Break out milestones,
Set realistic goals
Manage issues &
Complete tasks
to acheive your dreams faster, better, stronger.

Discuss and comment free or build your own wheelhouse as you please for $20AUD a month +GST.

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Progress Plus

At the end of every work day, week and month Progress Plus is a simple process to undertake that helps you keep track of your progress and plan ahead.

With a simple automated email reminder at the end of each work day, Progress Plus will help you review your day, plan ahead and think through how to be more productive the following day, week and month too.

As you complete your Progress Plus you can also optimse and add to your wheelhouse (if you have it) to futher optimise your Progress and also work with your Pilot as you need.

As as standalone product for $10AUD + GST a month there is huge benefit to this simple process or just bundle it with fornightly Pilot assistance to really get the most out of yourself and your team.

Productivity Pilots

Our productivity pilots have all the data, skills and expertise to expedite your productivity improvement each and every day.

Just like and Pilot, our Pilots can jump into your wheelhouse and guide you through the tricky waters that they sail every day but you're just sailing for the first time.

Our Productivity Pilots are built to help you with all the data, systems and advice Dreamboat has in order to optimise your progress.

The biggest issue holding back your productivity is not having someone objective to help you:
Identify issues, obstacles and strategies that are holding you back
Help you think and plan your way through those tradeoffs
And encourage you forward to a simpler more highly productive life
And that's exactly what your Productivity Pilot will do for you.

Working you on a weekly, fortnightly or weekly basis our productivity pilots are experts at helping you tackle the big issues limiting your success and productivity alike.

These sessions cost:*
$250AUD+GST ad-hoc
$150AUD+GST Monthly
$300AUD+GST Fortnightly**
$600AUD+GST Weekly**

*Some limitiations on the weekly and fortnightly cadence applies to ensure you get the same pilot every time.
**All fortnightly and monthly sessions include Progress Plus & Wheelhouse subscriptions

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